The Ugly Name For Torrent Site Users: Leechers

Torrent sites are one of the absolute best ways to get almost any kind of media online. You can find movies, music, games, software, and even ebooks there. Torrents are a great way to share files with friends because you can use them to give people access to your files without having to upload them first.

Legitimate Reasons To Use Torrent Sites

There are many legitimate reasons why someone might use a torrent site:

  • If you’re downloading a large file that would take too long through your internet connection.
  • If you need an older version of something but aren’t sure which one will work on your computer.
  • If there isn’t enough bandwidth in your area for streaming services.

Different Between A Leech And Non-leech

The difference between a leech and a non-leech is simple: when you access a torrent site or any other P2P network like Usenet, you’re required to upload data as well as download it. For example: if someone downloads an episode of Game of Thrones from your computer while you’re watching that same episode on Netflix—you might be labeled as a leech because you didn’t upload anything back into the collective pool (or “swarm” in terms of Usenet).

What Is A Leecher And A Seeder

A leecher is a person who downloads without the intention of seeding back, so they take more than they give. They are bad for the community because they want everything for free, but don’t want to help keep it alive by uploading themselves or helping with other things such as testing when there’s an issue with the software or website.

A seeder is a person who uploads a torrent anonymously and helps others who want to download it. They also get paid for their services, but they don’t get rewarded with freebies or discounts on products or services.

Seeders are essential for keeping large files available when there aren’t many leechers available at any given time of day or night—and therefore they earn money while helping out their fellow pirates!


If you’re new to the world of torrents, you must understand what they are and how they work. You’ll quickly learn that not all torrent sites are created equal—which means some differences between them could impact your experience as a user or even affect your safety when using them.